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Students pitch furniture design ideas for new Gladstone Elementary School in recent Gladstone Shark Tank event.

Students at Barrows and Waterman Elementary schools
January 29, 2024
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Finegold Alexander is working closely with the City of Cranston on the design and construction of the new 100,000 SF Gladstone Elementary School, to replace an existing 1950’s-era school. With an enrollment of 798 students serving grades K- through 5, the new school will consolidate both Gladstone and Arlington Elementary Schools into one building.

Design Driven by Student Engagement: Shark Tank Edition

Students at Barrows and Waterman Elementary schools participated in a six-week long project-based learning opportunity with Fielding International, the district’s educational consultants, to design a piece of furniture to be incorporated into the new Gladstone Elementary School. The students pitched their final furniture design ideas during the Gladstone Shark Tank held just before the holiday break. Every class in both schools participated and they were encouraged to express their creativity, while also learning about concepts such as collaboration, functionality, constructability, and aesthetics.

Students participating in the Gladstone Shark Tank competition.

As part of the esteemed panel of judges, Christopher Lane, a Principal at Finegold Alexander, reviewed the winning entries and helped select the final design to be fabricated and installed into the new elementary school. This exercise not only provided a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about teamwork, but also created a sense of excitement for the entire school community.

And the winner is...Rainbow Zen Zone! The winning entry by the kindergarten class, the “Rainbow Zen Zone”, is a multi-functional piece that is part tower, slide, and reading nook. The prototype, built from cardboard and beautifully painted, is functional, colorful and provides flexibility for a range of different students’ needs.

The Rainbow Zen Zone

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