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Gladstone Elementary School

City of Cranston
Cranston, RI

Finegold Alexander is working closely with the City of Cranston on the design of the new Gladstone Elementary School, to replace an existing 1950’s-era school. With an enrollment of 798 students serving grades K- through 5, the new facility will serve as the international school for the City of Cranston which includes the consolidation of both Gladstone and Arlington Elementary Schools. The design team is leveraging the existing site topography to create a compact building footprint, promoting energy efficiency. The school’s layout optimizes the building’s solar orientation to maximize natural daylight and views for both teachers and students.

Gladstone Elementary School will feature 3+ stories of teaching and learning, with a building design that is innovative when compared to most traditional classrooms. Instead of arranging classrooms along a central corridor, the six distinct Learning Communities are each designed as a single suite of interconnected rooms. Curiosity Centers with purpose-built music, art and maker spaces serve to connect the Learning Communities on each floor. Learning opportunities extend beyond the building proper to the larger site. Outdoor activities are encouraged with three outdoor learning areas, multiple playgrounds, and a community garden.

Click here to read more about Gladstone Elementary School in Boston Real Estate Times.

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100,000 SF
New Construction
Gymnasium, Cafetorium, Music, Art & Maker Spaces, Learning Commons, Learning Studios, Active Lab Spaces, Teacher Collaboration Workrooms, Small Group Rooms, Gathering Stairs, Outdoor Learning Areas, Playgrounds, Community Garden
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“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your firm right now. You are doing exactly what I thought you could do. We do things very differently [in Cranston] and you have adopted our approach.”
                       --Ed Collins, Director of Plant Operations, Cranston Public Schools

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“This is community (and) student-centered-driven from all aspects …  It’s just such a great design! Thank you for taking all our feedback and listening along the way. Obviously, you made it very intentional in the design, and we greatly appreciate that.”
          --Roxanne Gustafson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Grants, Cranston Public Schools