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Our people are our most valuable asset. At Finegold Alexander you will find people not only passionate about architecture, but about solving the most complex design problems surrounded by a team of colleagues, partners – and best of all clients – who understand that what we’re creating truly impacts the world around us. But right now, let’s start with you.

Available Positions

We’re looking for talented designers to join our team!  Please send us your CV and work samples to


Your ideas are your own. Let’s see where they can go.


It’s not just about working together but supporting one another. There is no one way to do it.


We have each other’s back. Like it or not.

Perpetual Learning

Ask questions of your colleagues, your profession and the world. We’ll help you answer them.


Admit that’s your dirty cup in the sink. We get it, it happens.

Finegold Alexander employees are offered a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few:

Mentoring Program
Paired with leaders of the firm, mentors serve as a sounding board and advocate on behalf of their mentee. This program enables the firm to understand individual’s needs and interests at a deeper level and helps to pave the path for growth.
Professional Development
We encourage all employees to take the Architectural Registration Exam. We offer paid time off to prepare for or take the exams and reimburse you for each passed division of the ARE. We also offer paid time off and reimbursement for the LEED exam.
Parental Leave
Your family means a lot to us. Regardless of gender, all employees receive four weeks of paid time off – consecutive or spread out - to care for the new addition to your family.  
Schedule Flexibility
We know you have a life outside of the office. Core office hours can flex to accommodate family, health or other circumstances that may arise. We stay connected virtually so that you may, too.  
Design Digest
As part of our commitment to collaboration and inclusion, Finegold Alexander has a long-standing tradition to gather as a firm on a weekly basis. We call it Design Digest! With food and beverages in hand, we conduct design reviews of current projects, present work of other designers, share knowledge in critical areas, and most importantly, have a good time.
We believe in giving back to the community. The firm offers paid time off for volunteering for activities such as gardening on the Greenway, packaging food and clothing donations, and teaching children in the classroom. No deed is too big or too small.