One school. Three buildings. Countless bright futures.

Drawing on history and nature to elevate Boston’s longest-running school.

Eliot Innovation School | 585 Commercial Street

City of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

Our comprehensive renovation promotes student engagement and collaboration at every turn. Grand views and thoughtful details bring classrooms, art and technology spaces, and a media center into the 21st century. Yet history remains a significant part as windows overlook the Boston Harbor, Zakim Bridge, Old North Church and USS Constitution. And let’s not forget the influence of nature. We chose colors to reflect the green, blue, and aqua of earth, sky, and water. If former students, Sam Adams and Paul Revere, could see this now...

(Photo credit: Raj Das Photography)

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42,000 SF
Adaptive Reuse, Renovation
Classrooms, Breakout Nooks, Multi-Purpose Space, Art + Technology Spaces, Media Center
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Project EUI
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“It's a game changer!  We're doing things we could not have imagined before having this building.”
Traci Walker-Griffith, Eliot School Principal
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The property was originally constructed in the 1962 as an FDA testing facility, and more recently housed retail and office spaces. The existing concrete structure required MEP and life safety upgrades, including extensive seismic bracing, to meet today’s codes.

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"It's incredible that our students are learning about American history and social studies with a view of the Bunker Hill Monument and the U.S.S. Constitution."
Boston School Committee Chairperson, Michael Loconto