Leveraging Sustainability Tools at Finegold Alexander for Carbon Reduction

Learn more about the tools our FA Energy team uses to achieve our sustainability goals and create a greener future.

June 13, 2024
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At Finegold Alexander, reducing embodied carbon is a crucial part of our decarbonization goals, particularly focusing on upfront carbon. This type of carbon is released into the atmosphere today, primarily through the production, transportation, and installation of building materials. Each of these steps has associated carbon emissions that we aim to minimize.

To fully understand and address embodied carbon, performing a life cycle assessment (LCA) is essential. An LCA provides an in-depth analysis of the materials used in a building, including those related to the structure, envelope, and interiors. At Finegold Alexander, we utilized Tally for a comprehensive LCA on a major renovation and addition project for a library. This assessment highlighted the significant impact of building reuse on reducing carbon emissions by leveraging materials and structures that have already contributed to atmospheric carbon.

In addition to Tally, we employ other tools such as the BEAM Estimator and Kaleidoscope. These tools supplement our material selection and decision-making process throughout the design phase. BEAM Estimator helps us quantify and compare the environmental impacts of different building materials, while Kaleidoscope aids in visualizing and optimizing material reuse and sustainability strategies.

By integrating these methodologies, we are making strides toward sustainable architecture and reducing our carbon footprint. It's fascinating to see how thoughtful design and material reuse can lead to substantial carbon savings, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Through our commitment to sustainability and the use of advanced tools, Finegold Alexander is dedicated to creating buildings that not only meet the needs of today but also help preserve our environment for future generations.

Watch the video below to hear key insights from our FA Energy Manager, Megan Brown, on how we utilize these sustainability tools!