Finegold Alexander Project at Boston University's Kilachand Residence Hall Achieves LEED Gold

A LEED Gold Beacon of Sustainable Excellence

Kilachand LEED Gold Announcement
April 1, 2024
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Finegold Alexander's visionary redesign of Kilachand Hall, home to Boston University’s Kilachand Honors College, has achieved LEED Gold certification—an emblem of its commitment to sustainability and student success.

Finegold Alexander designed the renovation and reconstruction of Kilachand Hall. This project aimed to create flexible, accessible spaces for students, including seminar rooms and gathering areas, while also prioritizing safety and sustainability. Working collaboratively with Stefura Associates, finishes and furnishings enhance and accommodate many learning and study modes. The redesigned ninth floor, boasting breathtaking views and enhanced communal spaces, reflects a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for Kilachand Hall residents. 

Kilachand Hall's reconstruction exceeded energy code requirements, featuring eco-friendly systems and materials. Achieving LEED Gold certification signifies its exceptional performance in sustainability, recognizing its eco-conscious design and operational excellence. 

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