Celebrating Progress: AMSA Breaks Ground on a New Academic Building

Principals Regan Shields Ives and Christopher Lane from Finegold Alexander attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Advanced Math and Science Academy's new academic building.

Construction and design team at groundbreaking
November 21, 2023
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Last Tuesday marked a momentous occasion for the Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA) in Marlborough, Massachusetts, as Principals Regan Shields Ives and Christopher Lane joined the groundbreaking ceremony for the eagerly awaited New Academic Building. Founded in 2005, AMSA has consistently demonstrated excellence in education, earning the prestigious rank of #2 on the US News & World Report’s 2022 list of best high schools in Massachusetts.

The 17,000-square-foot building will alleviate current classroom space restrictions and will contain state-of-the-art classroom technology and laboratory equipment to improve learning opportunities for students.

“We are celebrating the fusion of innovation, collaboration, and the ambition of all the stakeholders who continue to support us in imagining AMSA’s future today. We build with mortar and concrete, but tomorrow we build scientists, engineers, architects who will impact our world far and wide.”
-        Dr. Lisa C. Mobley, AMSA Executive Director
“I hope future students will appreciate the great opportunities this new building provides. As we continue to develop as a school and welcome each new class, we support one another in our mission to learn. This building brings growth and opportunity for myself and my peers. Thank you so much to all the people who made this building possible.”
-     Angelina DaSilva, AMSA 9th grade student

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Advanced Math and Science Academy’s New Academic Building represents a significant milestone in AMSA's journey toward academic excellence. As the new facilities take shape, it is evident that AMSA is not just building structures but creating an environment where the celebration of knowledge thrives, setting the stage for the success of future generations in the dynamic fields of math, science, and technology.

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