Making the Best Even Better

A series of design moves will optimize campus life and learning for students and teachers alike

Advanced Math and Science Academy

Client - AMSA
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Founded in 2005, the Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA) public charter school was ranked #2 on the US News & World Report’s 2022 list of best high schools in Massachusetts. Serving grades 6-12, AMSA currently owns and occupies a three-building campus in a former office park in Marlborough. With our robust K-12 experience, Finegold Alexander is working closely with school leadership to align AMSA’s campus facilities to support their rigorous, college-oriented educational program. The first step in this direction is the design and construction of a new  17,000 SF Academic Building to expand classroom space, allowing more flexible scheduling and improved learning opportunities with state-of-the-art classroom technology. The Academic Building will put more 21st-century science and technology into students’ hands in earlier grades.

This initial phase will include a temporary parking lot as the site for a future gymnasium addition to be built adjacent to the new Academic Building. The overall campus plan will improve vehicular circulation and enhance safety for the school population, particularly during drop-off and pick-up times. Additional parking and a reconfigured roadway will reduce congestion, eliminating traffic back-up on adjacent streets. Finally, thoughtfully designed green space will enhance the campus feel. Taken together, these planned improvements will enable AMSA to fulfill its mission of creating an atmosphere of celebration of knowledge where children of all backgrounds and abilities excel in all subjects, especially in math, science and technology, empowering them to succeed in the workplace in our modern high-tech world.

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17,000 SF
New Construction
Chemistry, Biology, and Physics labs; Science research space; technology and equipment to enhance Robotics, Engineering and Computer Science instruction; campus planning, landscape design
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Project EUI
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“We’ve set these milestones in place… and so we’re hitting the milestones… We asked our design team to hit a milestone, and I feel like they nailed it!”
Nick Poirier, AMSA Board of Trustees
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“I for one am excited, every time we take another step!”
Raul Porras, AMSA Board of Trustees