Authority Magazine Interviews Finegold Alexander Principal and Director of Sustainability Rebecca Berry

Rebecca shares her personal and professional relationship with sustainability and discusses several ways we can combat climate change as individuals and as an industry.

Photo of Rebecca Berry
April 25, 2023
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Monica Sanders JD, LL.M – the founder of “The Undivide Project”, an organization dedicated to creating climate resilience in underserved communities – sat down with Rebecca to hear her take on climate action. Rebecca begins by explaining her early childhood experiences with climate action and opens up about her personal views on what inspired her to take certain actions. She highlights the various ways our firm has committed to reducing our climate footprint, including our new FA Energy division, and signing the American Institute of Architects (AIA)’s 2030 Commitment. FA Energy is focused on decarbonizing the built environment through innovative design solutions, looking beyond singular projects to work with institutions on implementing broader climate goals. Click here to learn more about specific projects in our FA Energy division.

Rebecca goes on to explain professional challenges she faced at the turn of the pandemic with our firm and shares some personal challenges she experienced while being faced with the urgency of climate action. She provides actionable items we can take as an industry and individuals to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

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