Ronnie’s Reels of 2023

Marketing Coordinator Ronnie Simon deploys Instagram Reels to explore notable Finegold Alexander projects in and around Massachusetts.

Ronnie Simon at our recent project Kilachand Residence Hall
December 18, 2023
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As a Marketing Coordinator at Finegold Alexander Architects my daily work involves formatting and utilizing photos of our projects for many different applications. I also help to manage the firm’s social media accounts, providing project updates and recognizing milestones, using our rich collection of professional photography for many of the posts. While the images beautifully capture the essence of our work, there's something truly special about personally exploring and navigating these impressive structures for myself. It allows me to witness firsthand the dedication and craftsmanship of my colleagues here at Finegold Alexander. Fortunately, as a recent graduate of Boston University, I knew exactly where to begin this exciting journey.

In September 2018, during the early days of my college career, Finegold Alexander completed the Dahod Family Alumni Center at the Castle on Boston University's campus. The Castle had always captured my attention and little did I know that four years later, I would be working with the architects responsible for meticulously renovating this historic gem.

Several months into my time at Finegold Alexander, I found myself returning to my alma mater to document the carefully restored details of the Castle. Although my academic background didn't lie in film production, armed with creativity and an iPhone, I set out to share my exploration of our projects with the Finegold Alexander community. And so, BU Castle served as the inaugural installation in what was to become Ronnie’s Reels of 2023!

What started as one reel soon became two, then three, and eventually twelve. As December arrived, I attended tours of numerous Finegold Alexander projects, spanning from those that had recently marked their groundbreaking ceremonies to constructions in progress and the unveiling of completed masterpieces. Among these were the awe-inspiring Gothic church turned condo in Boston's South End, The Lucas; the largest new courthouse in Maine, the York Judicial Center; and another recently renovated project at Boston University, the Kilachand Honors College Residence Hall.

It's truly a remarkable experience to witness the fruition of small details and design decisions, culminating in the creation of community centers, inspiring workspaces, and dream-worthy homes. An unexpected bonus of documenting Finegold Alexander’s work was gaining a better understanding of Northeast geography. As a native Californian, I never thought I'd quite grasp the region, let alone the correct way to pronounce these Massachusetts town names.

Cheers to a year of sharing my perspective, and I eagerly anticipate many more projects to explore in the future. Click below to join me on a tour of 2023!