Rob Law Praises Automated Parking in Banker and Tradesman

How a multi-ton game of Tetris is offering developers a more efficient use of space

March 10, 2022
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Finegold Alexander Architects Associate Rob Law, AIA, NCARB was recently quoted in Banker & Tradesman’s piece, Robotic Valets Take Over Parking Duties. The article discusses modern parking solutions for developer projects located in tight, urban locations such as those found in the city of Boston. Rather than traditional drive-in drive-out parking garage designs, constrained spaces benefit from an automated parking system capable of moving cars up and down, left and right, backward and forward, to the desired open space. Residents and car owners manage their car retrieval through simple smartphone app technology. This system was utilized in Finegold Alexander’s The Boulevard project which features 48 automated spaces located in the basement level of the building.

Video Credits: Commodore Builders

Check out the piece by heading here! Note the page requires a paid subscription to view.