Rebecca Berry Featured in FacilitiesNet

The article discusses promoting carbon neutrality on campuses with targeted building renovations.

Rebecca Berry

We are proud to announce that one of our principals, Rebecca Berry, recently had an article published on FacilitiesNet! Rebecca serves as Finegold Alexander's Director of Sustainability, promoting sustainable design practices, conversations and reviews firm wide.

In this piece, she speaks about the efforts colleges and universities are making all around the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet carbon neutrality goals. Rebecca highlights Wellesley College and Amherst College, two colleges working to improve energy efficiency. She speaks about the steps they are taking to improve their carbon emissions to achieve climate neutrality.

These goals do not come without their challenges. The colleges must tackle the problem of Scope 1 emissions, which turns out to be daunting when most existing buildings rely on fossil fuels for necessary functions such as space and water heating. Rebecca dives deep into the efforts these colleges are taking to improve energy efficiency through identifying, prioritizing, and finding solutions for the challenges associated with energy production.

If you want to read Rebecca's piece, head on over to FacilitiesNet!