Moving the Profession Forward

Striving to make the field of architecture more diverse, equitable and inclusive

Participating in the BSA's Design Thinking Day is one way that Finegold Alexander promotes access and insight to the architectural profession for a new generation of student designers.
June 19, 2020
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Finegold Alexander has spent the past weeks reflecting on our Firm’s and our profession’s efforts to promote and reflect the diversity of our City and our society. As architects, the spaces and places we create should promote access, be welcoming, and let everyone know – you belong here. To achieve this, all voices must participate and be heard.

To that end we have become corporate sponsors of the National Organization of Minority Architects: Founded in 1971 NOMA’s mission is to minimize the effects of racism within the architecture profession. As a women-owned business, we are mindful of the need to add our voice to speak against “apathy, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance” as NOMA seeks to do.