Boston Globe Highlights Finegold Alexander’s Experience Converting Churches into Residential Units

Altar-ed states: Boston Globe features Finegold Alexander in their piece about the conversion of religious spaces into residential ones

Photo of The Lucas by Raj Das Photography
January 19, 2023
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Boston Globe article ‘Altar-ed states: What is it like to live in a chondo?’ features Finegold Alexander and our work that has transformed a half-dozen-plus churches into condos. One project they highlight is The Lucas at 136 Shawmut Avenue. The project transformed the former 1874 German Trinity Catholic Church, originally designed by Patrick Keely’s Brooklyn office, into a luxury condominium development. The approach re-imagined a striking steel and glass contemporary design rising out of the massive stone walls of the former church.


The article explores the sentiments various condo owners have about their unique living space and includes sentiments from a Chicago-based architectural psychologist on the individuals who are drawn to these kinds of living spaces. Finegold Alexander Principal and Director of Design, Tony Hsiao, included his thoughts on what owners are looking for in the design of these residential units.


If you would like to read the Boston Globe article, click here.