"Adaptive Use to Accelerate in 2021" by Principal Regan Shields Ives Featured in High Profile

Principal Regan Shields Ives shares her insights and experience in her latest High Profile contribution.

Gibbs Middle School – Arlington, Mass. / Principal in Charge: Regan Shields Ives / Photo by Raj Das
January 13, 2021
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⁠Adaptive Reuse (or Adaptive Use) plays an important role in the history of architectural design. From historic preservation to modernizations, buildings must evolve to support the ever-changing needs of their users. Reimagining existing buildings for a new use is both challenging and exciting, not to mention sustainable.⁠

Principal Regan Shields Ives, who's garnered years of experience in adaptive reuse for schools and other buildings, recently discussed her insights with High Profile. Head here to read the full article.