A Reading Room with a View

The soaring structure provides space for both quiet reading, community meetings, and art display

Westwood Public Library

Client: Town of Westwood
Westwood, Massachusetts

Conceived as a series of stepped gable-end pavilions, the library’s massing and proportions complement the scale of historic main street, while the predominant use of masonry indicates the building’s civic nature. Abundant glazing and skylights infuse the library with natural light, and together with sophisticated lighting controls and shading contribute toward its sustainable nature. Organized about a central open stair, the pavilion forms create a series of reading nooks with views out to the natural landscape and surrounding neighborhood for patrons of all ages.

(Photo credit: Neil Alexander Photography)

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37,000 SF
New Construction
Reading areas, stacks, art gallery, meeting rooms, children’s room, teen area
LEED Certified
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“Our focus has always been giving our residents the best possible library and we have done that. I never get tired of hearing how happy our residents are with their new library.”
Tom Viti, Library Director (retired)

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The new Westwood Public Library was built on the lot that once held the 1874 Colburn School, shown here on temporary cribbing during the construction of the library. The Queen Anne-style school was temporarily moved to the back of the library’s parking area, and then relocated to the roadside and rotated 90 degrees to face the new library. The school was later transformed into a mixed-use building, with a bank on the ground floor with housing above.

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“The building is truly amazing, a 21st-century marvel. I’m certain it is destined to become the new town center—a long overdue necessity.”
Diane Parazin, Friends of the Westwood Public Library, President (former)