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Lowell Justice Center

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Lowell, Massachusetts

Located within the Lowell National Historic Park, this new Justice Center forms the cornerstone of Lowell’s Hamilton Canal District development master plan. The project was the largest of three pilot studies for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)s ZNE initiatives. The courthouse is designed to use 40% the energy of a typical facility. A tight building envelope, coupled with glazing that maximizes daylighting, chilled beams and displacement ventilation, and photo-voltaic panels; are some of the many sustainable features. Lowell Justice Center is LEED Platinum certified and is the first courthouse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and first state courthouse in the country to receive this certification!

Head to our article here to watch drone footage of the new Lowell Justice Center by Reuben Pelham.

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LEED Platinum
ACEC Silver Award Honoring Outstanding Professional Design Excellence for ZNE Study
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“Once opening day goes by and the full season starts it’s going to be cool. I think people are going to be very happy about being here.”
Michael Sullivan, Middlesex County Clerk of Courts, in the Lowell Sun Times

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Public art enlivens the lobby’s two-story glazed wall. Designed by artist Martin Donlin, the glass mural features symbols of justice, recalls the historic “mill girls,” and Lowell’s new industries. Messages in four languages speak to the diverse origins of Lowell's residents.

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“It’s beautiful!”
Ken Davis, Chief Court Officer, in the Lowell Sun Times