Mid-century Library Reimagined

A much loved community library is reborn with a new spirit of openness

Stoughton Public Library

City of Stoughton
Stoughton, Massachusetts

Stoughton Public Library opened its doors in 1969, but by the mid-2000s it needed expansion and new systems to support the community’s needs. Finegold Alexander’s design doubled the scale of the library, creating a universally accessible, outward facing facility. The design celebrates and extends the distinctive trussed roof monitor and stairway of the original 1969 library, while taking a sustainable approach to energy-efficient systems, building materials, and finishes.

(Photo credit: Raj Das Photography)

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26,000 SF
Renovation, Addition
Seated Auditorium, Support Spaces, Music Room, Common Room
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“The building is wildly successful, and our patronage has significantly increased since our opening day. The building is now a beacon looking out to our historic town green and is setting the tone for future progress in the Town.”
Pat Basler, Library Director, Stoughton Public Library

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The project was a renovation and addition and as such, the team was able to save half of the original reinforced concrete and masonry structure. The renovation provides an entirely new experience inside and out, while keeping the soul of the original building.

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"It's like welcoming a friend that's been missing."
Erin Gomes, Stoughton resident