Creativity Starts Here

A two-story renovation brings the beauty of fine arts back to the center of Berkshire's campus.

Berkshire Kennard Visual Arts Center

Client: Berkshire School
Sheffield, Massachusetts

When it became time for the Berkshire School’s Fine Arts Department to find a new home, Berkshire Hall’s 1960’s extension was the perfect fit. Originally an I.T. office and science lab, Finegold Alexander restored vision to the building through modern staircases, updated wood furnishings, and an open, accessible front entrance. The wing was also outfitted with classroom spaces for studio art, ceramics, photography, digital art, and sculpture, as well as pottery kilns and an integrated art gallery. These intricate additions both reiterate the school’s enduring dedication to the fine arts and give students a platform to express themselves and their talents to the fullest extent.

(Photo credit: Jane Messinger Photography)

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14,800 SF
Studio Art Classrooms, Computer Lab, Pottery Kilns, Campus Art Gallery
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“The new Fine Arts Center has lifted our arts classrooms, literally and figuratively, from the basements across campus and returned them to Berkshire Hall. Doing so has elevated the arts at Berkshire to even greater heights and serves as a daily reminder about our commitment to artistic excellence, as our students explore, embrace, pursue and celebrate the arts in all forms.”
Pieter Mulder, Head of School

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This “before” photo shows one of the most significant exterior differences of the renovated office building - once just a hidden side door, the front entrance was reimagined to create a welcoming and accessible corridor.

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Renovations included the creation of The Warren Family Gallery, a modern and bright exhibition space located in the Visual Arts Center. Through a commitment to artistic excellence, the gallery's design and exhibitions reflect a wide range of artwork representing all fields of study offered at Berkshire. Annual exhibits showcase artwork from students, alumni, as well as visiting artists.