Finegold Alexander Sustainability Strategist Lara Pfadt Published in New England Board of Higher Education

New England Board of Higher Education features piece written by Lara Pfadt about our work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on university campuses.

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January 10, 2023
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Our very own Lara Pfadt recently wrote an article for the New England Board of Higher Education. The piece highlights efforts that universities are taking to meet their decarbonization goals and features our work at Wellesley College. Lara is a Senior Associate and Sustainability Strategist at Finegold Alexander and has worked extensively with Wellesley College on meeting their E2040 goals. The article highlights the opportunities our firm has had in working with several campuses on energy master plans and targeted renovations to achieve decarbonization goals.

One example that Lara draws upon in this piece is our targeted renovation work at Severance Hall alongside Salas O'Brien. The energy master plan for this project looked at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from space heating and cooling across the entire portfolio of buildings. The historic residence halls connect to the campus steam loop and are heated with steam or hot-water radiators. Lara mentions that the built environment, and the energy used to power it, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions on campuses which is why our team works to resolve these issues and reduce the carbon footprint.


If you would like to read the full article, click here.