Finegold Alexander Staff Visits Tufts University to Explore Eaton Hall Renovation Project

Finegold Alexander staff tour Tufts Eaton Hall
May 9, 2024
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Recently, the Finegold Alexander team had the privilege of touring the ongoing Eaton Hall renovation at Tufts University. Project Manager Steve Walnut led the tour, sharing many fascinating facts about this historic site and its remarkable transformation. Tufts University engaged Finegold Alexander in February of 2021 to develop a feasibility study with three renovation options to significantly improve the user experience for the future of Eaton Hall.

Finegold Alexander then undertook the design of the full Eaton Hall renovation project, joined by Payette as designers of the building’s new addition. The project addresses deferred maintenance, outdated systems, space limitations, accessibility and sustainable options. With departments temporarily relocating, renovation occurs in one phase, reducing costs. The Eaton Hall Feasibility Study informed decision-making throughout, balancing preservation and modernization. Finegold Alexander's expertise ensures functionality while honoring Eaton Hall's heritage.

Tufts Eaton Hall Sit Visit Exterior
Tufts Eaton Hall Site Visit Tour Interior

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