Finegold Alexander Announces Retirement of Alan Gerofsky

With boundless gratitude – thank you Alan for your tremendous contributions!

September 8, 2022
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After 22 years of service to our firm, Finegold Alexander would like to announce the retirement of Senior Associate Alan Gerofsky. He joined the firm as Comptroller in 2000, promoted to Associate in 2005 and Senior Associate in 2016. A graduate of Bentley College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Alan’s accomplished career in the financial world has included roles at retail, law and, most recently, architectural firms.

His tenure at Finegold Alexander all started with responding to a small 1”x1 1/2” ad in the Boston Globe and since being hired in 2000, Alan has managed the firm’s financial activity. Read more about Alan’s memories over the years, accomplishments and advice in his recent Staff Spotlight.

“We would like to thank Alan for his immeasurable contributions to the firm. With his leadership, knowledge, and mentorship, he has helped Finegold Alexander achieve many successes and milestones throughout his tenure. We wish Alan well in retirement and can’t wait to see how his next adventures unfold!” – Rebecca Berry, President and Principal

Last week, the firm gathered to celebrate Alan’s many contributions to Finegold Alexander with food, drinks, laughter and sharing our favorite Alan stories from over his 22 years. Well, since we are talking about Alan—who very much likes to be precise (a great quality to have in his role!)—his 22 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 5 days and six hours!

Colleagues and friends gather around with treats and drinks to speak about their most memorable moments with Alan.
Alan with his gift of the Sharon T stop sign he would see every day on his way to and from work.

Over the years Alan has interacted with each member of the firm in one way or another, due to his unique role in finance. And he has definitely left a memorable impression! Below you can see the words and phrases that Alan’s Finegold Alexander colleagues say best describe him:  

Word cloud of various words and phrases Alan's coworkers use to describe him.

We wish Alan an excellent and well-earned retirement. We look forward to hearing about his next adventures, which as a diehard Red Sox fan and season ticket holder for 47 years, will include visiting all the MLB ballparks – only 5 to go!