FA Silver Linings

Boundless optimism in the time of the pandemic

Actual photo taken by Rebecca Berry during a recent sojourn to New Hampshire ... this is not a stock photo! :)

We’d like to introduce FA Silver Linings, a new series of posts that we’ll be making in the coming weeks. Your friends at Finegold Alexander want to share moments, tips and insights with a positive spin from this time of Covid-19. Like the rest of Boston’s architectural community, we’ve been operating out of home offices since mid-March, adapting to the rigors of working remotely. Our commuting-free lifestyle has freed up some time, perhaps for new (or old) hobbies; or maybe we’re finding new ways to connect with family, friends and neighbors; we may have some favorite online resources; new forms of entertainment; safe ways to enjoy the good weather… the sky’s the limit!

Toddler Meal Prep and the Zen of Cutting Things Into Tiny Pieces

Before the quarantine, my daughter’s childcare center made and fed her 3 meals a day, 5 days a week leaving only the weekends for my husband and I to “worry” about. When I found out that we were going to have to take on all those extra meals on top of everything else, my first thought was “how the heck are we going to do that?” As a new graduate from babyhood, our daughter eats some of the same things as us but it’s not as simple as just sharing our meals with her. There is definitely more planning to make sure that she gets all of the nutrients she needs in forms that she can easily grasp and chew. This means that at least a few times a week my husband or I spend a chunk of time peeling, cutting, and cooking large vegetables (e.g., an eggplant or cantaloupe) into teeny tiny toddler-friendly pieces. What I hadn’t counted on was actually enjoying this activity. In a landscape where one day runs into the next and tasks constantly get interrupted, it is so satisfying to have something with a definitive end and a tangible result. The repetition allows for a few minutes of focus, and dare I say even peace. There’s also the added bonus of getting to watch her try all sorts of new foods which I wouldn’t have gotten to do (at least not to this extent) if we weren’t home together every day.

Work in Progress: Rue des francs bourgeois, Paris

Finding Time for Art

With no commute, no gym, and the couple extra minutes of daylight we get each day, I’ve been painting after work. I find the process meditative and deeply relaxing, and while I made time for this kind of creative expression before quarantine, I could really only work on weekends. It’s refreshing to have this outlet to look forward to during the week after work. :)


Legos, Anyone?

So much fun when your kiddo rediscovers Legos and is experimenting with making things go!








Front Door Jokes

I’ve never seen so many people out walking in our neighborhood here in Newburyport’s South End. On sunny days, it’s practically a parade! Not sure how it all started, but people have been posting jokes on their front doors to entertain one and all. Our neighbors have been changing out their jokes, and likewise we post a new joke every Saturday morning. Some of my favorites include: How much does Rob Gronkowski pay for corn? A Buck-an-ear! and What do vegetarians do when they really want to go wild? They eat animal crackers. Haw, haw... anyways, it’s been a great way to connect with people even as we practice social distancing.