Empowering Tomorrow's Architects: Finegold Alexander's Ongoing Commitment to Architecture/Design Thinking Week

February 19, 2024
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Finegold Alexander is thrilled to announce our continued participation in Architecture/Design Thinking Week, an inspiring initiative orchestrated by the BSA and BSA Foundation in collaboration with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC).This initiative aims to provide Boston Public School (BPS) students with invaluable paid career exploration and internship opportunities in the field of architecture.

The heart of this endeavor lies in a dynamic four-day workshop, a transformed version of the earlier Design Thinking Day (2016-2020), now a yearly event hosted at BSA Space during February School Vacation. This immersive experience turns the BSA's galleries into a vibrant pop-up design studio, creating an engaging atmosphere for learning through hands-on activities like drawing and model making.

Finegold Alexander is proud to be an integral part of this transformative program, standing alongside esteemed collaborators such as Goody Clancy, HMFH Architects, and Sasaki/Sasaki Foundation. Our design staff actively facilitates each day of the workshop, guiding participating students through design prompts, fostering the acquisition of new design skills, and encouraging effective communication of their creative ideas.

This collaborative effort between the BSA, PIC, and local architecture firms truly exemplifies the commitment to nurturing the next generation of architects. It's not just about building structures; it's about building dreams, aspirations, and a passion for architecture within the hearts and minds of these young learners.

Here's to another year of inspiration, creativity, and the joy of shaping the future of architecture with Architecture/Design Thinking Week!

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