Megan Brown

Megan Brown


FA Energy Team Manager

Megan brings a diverse range of experiences to her career, having worked in various fields, including laboratories, higher education, and ecclesiastic projects. Her most cherished undertakings have been those that are unique and highly technical, such as research greenhouses, cleanrooms, and aerospace engineering labs.

Megan's true passion lies in high-performance buildings, building science, and sustainable materials. She recently achieved certification as a Passive House Designer and is eager to apply this knowledge to all her future projects. She is constantly mindful of the pressing need to reduce upfront carbon emissions in construction. Megan thrives on delving into research and intricate details to discover more sustainable construction methods.

Megan's initial fascination with architecture stemmed from her love of physics, even dating back to her high school days of crafting toothpick models. Her very first architectural drawing, crafted around the age of 10, featured a three-level circular house, although it may have had a few inefficiencies!

Outside of the office, you'll often find Megan in the great outdoors, enjoying quality time with her dog and family amidst the lush forest behind their home.

University of Utah- AIA Medal for Outstanding Academic Performance
University of Utah- Alpha Rho Chi Medal for Outstanding Leadership and Service in Architecture

American Institute of Architecture

Boston Society of Architecture

Speaking Engagements
Need to Know

What did you want to be when you were small? A Marine Biologist! I think this dream was largely driven by a desire to live near a tropical beach. Sadly, it did not come to fruition.

Favorite Podcast? I love podcasts so it’s hard to pick just one. My current top 3: Hidden Brain by NPR, Breaking Down Patriarchy, and SWA’s Buildings and Beyond.

If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have? I would want Elastigirl's power from the Incredibles. To stretch and reach anything would be a game changer!

Favorite app? Snapseed. It’s awesome for editing photos, and it’s free!