Connor Byrne

Connor Byrne



Connor is a well-rounded architect with experience in all phases of design. He has a passion for creating contextual architecture and solving complex problems and brings to the team a focus on well-detailed and sustainably designed buildings.

Connor received both his Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Roger Williams University and has experience in both renovation and new construction projects in education, workplace, and science/ technology.

AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit, Roger Williams University
Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts, Roger Williams University

American Institute of Architects

Boston Society for Architecture

Speaking Engagements
Need to Know

Favorite sport to watch and play? My favorite sport to watch is hockey. I'm a huge Bruins fan and there's no sport more exciting to watch in person than NHL hockey. Growing up I played hockey, but also really enjoyed playing soccer.

Favorite mode of transportation? Roller blading! Not a form of transportation I'd commute on, but I love riding along the Charles River and on rail trails.

Favorite podcast? 99% Invisible. Everything in the built environment is designed and it's fascinating to hear the stories behind how things came about. The title comes from a Buckminster Fuller quote, and the podcast attempts to expose the unseen aspects of design and architecture.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I think it would have to be pizza. There's a lot of versatility in terms of pizza types and the different toppings. I think you could mix it up a lot before getting really sick of it. Plus, who doesn't like pizza?

Favorite subject in school? It wasn't a standalone subject, but I am a huge geography nerd. I've always loved maps and flags, etc.