Clair Colburn

Clair Colburn


Senior Associate, Architect

Clair is a seasoned architect who has worked extensively on civic, academic, and institutional projects. She has deep experience renovating historically significant projects, as well as designing new construction. Clair’s interest in inclusivity and user-centered design in all its expressions, informs her current work as Project Manager for the Framingham Regional Justice Center. Her AIA AAJ 2022 Conference presentation, Inclusive Design: Policies, Neighborhoods, and Judicial Centers considered the importance of signage and wayfinding, innovative program spaces, civic artwork and access to justice in the design of our public spaces. Clair is actively involved in moving her town’s public library into the 21st Century. In recent years she has served as President of the Belmont Library Foundation and Chair of the Belmont Library Building Committee. Clair received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Haverford College, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan.

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American Institute of Architects

Boston Society of Architects

Belmont Library Foundation, President 2014-2017 and Board Member 2014-Present

Belmont Library Building Committee, Chair 2018-Present

Belmont Library Building Sub-Committee – OPM, Chair 2018-Present

Belmont Public Library Feasibility Committee, 2016

U.S. Green Building Council


Northeastern University, Guest Critic 2009-2010

Boston Architectural Center, Introductory Studio (2002-2003), Core Studio Teacher (2003-2004), & Thesis Advisor (2005-2006)

The University of Michigan, Teaching Assistant: Fundamentals in Architecture (1996-1998) & Drawing Fundamentals (1999)


AIA Vermont Emerging Professionals 2014, Engaging the Public Library Infotecha; awarded 2nd place

World Trade Center Memorial Design, in collaboration with NicoLarco

Boston Architectural Center Edco Grant 2003, Poche Conditions

Journal of Architectural Education, Sur’face Marking Domain In collaboration with Deborah Kully; awarded 1st place


"Reimagining Courthouse Design For Better Access To Justice" in Law 360, November 2021

"Back to School: Now What?" in High Profile, September 2020

"Remote Learning - Tablets and Zoom are not Collaboration Spaces," July 2020

"Inclusivity in Courthouse Design," in High Profile, May 2020

"Sur’face," in Journal of Architectural Education: Marking Domain, February 2003

Published in All American: Innovation in American Architecture, by Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer, 2002

Building Design Workshop, Art Museum Shop

Student essay directed by Jason Young, in The Architectural Review, January 2001

Speaking Engagements

Fenway Alliance Leader2Leader Event: "Public Art 2020: How Architecture and Design Can Contribute to Social Activism and Public Art"

ABX 2019: BSA Women in Design Sponsored: “Inclusivity in Courthouse Design” in collaboration with Anne Brockelman and Richard L'Heureux

Need to Know

Best vacation? Women’s World Cup USA vs. France

What makes you laugh? My 8-year-old

What did you want to be when you were younger? A thoroughbred jockey. I almost started smoking because I thought it would help to stunt my growth.