Project Manager

Job Description

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Employer Name: Finegold Alexander Architects

Employment Category: Project Manager

Type of Employment: Full Time

Experience Level: 10+ years

Location: Boston

Where others see obstacles, we look through them, removing perceived barriers and finding opportunities to shape the future. We believe that our future and that of the planet depends on sustainable, interdisciplinary, and collaborative achievements.  

Finegold Alexander Architects is a design collective focused on creating architecture for public, private, and mission-driven organizations. Our approach to transformative design is to push the realm of possibility. Our projects, whether they are new construction or renovation, are integrated into their physical, cultural and environmental contexts. As pioneers of the adaptive use movement, our unique lens on the past informs the now and the ever after. Together we are boundless!

Finegold Alexander is seeking an experienced, licensed Project Manager with 10+ years of experience who is looking for professional growth opportunities to join our team. The ideal candidate must have strong team and client leadership abilities, excellent communication skills, understand both new construction and adaptive use, and have experience with K-12 educational projects. Interested candidates must be licensed, proficient in Revit and hold a BArch/March degree; LEED AP is preferred. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Contact Information:

Resumes and work samples to Regan Shield Ives, AIA at